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"Suicide Bridge" - Disabled military veteran and Marine Kenneth James expresses his thoughts and feelings through his art.

Hey, VA - End Veteran Medical Debt Now!

Retired US Army Lieutenant Colonel Bob Bent Speaking in Washington

Retired US Army Lieutenant Colonel Bob Bent makes the connection between debt and suicide crystal clear. Post-death analysis of veterans who commit suicide, for a significant number of them, has been that “they’re in debt – up to their ears.”

This is why End Veteran Medical Debt has come into existence.

Our Vets Are Not Taken Care Of?

It is a Misconception That Our Veterans Receive Free or Affordable Healthcare

VA health care is a discretionary program; therefore, the provision of health care is dependent on available appropriations. Not every veteran is automatically entitled to medical care from the VA. Veterans must meet basic eligibility requirements for enrollment.

The VA will provide veterans with free health care for conditions that are caused or made worse by their military service. If you have severe injuries or disabilities you may be eligible to receive all your medical care for free from the VA, not just that care related to your injuries. Medicare does not pay for any care a veteran receives at a VA facility. In order for VA to cover their care, they must generally receive health care services at a VA facility.

"Suicide Bridge" - Disabled military veteran and Marine Kenneth James expresses his thoughts and feelings through his art.

Release the Debt for Forgiveness!

According to Sources, as Much as $6 Billion in Veteran and Military Medical Debt is Burdening Our Bravest

How much is currently owed is buried in line items and layers of bureaucracy; there could be as much as $6 billion in medical debt owed by veterans. Steps were taken earlier this year in the American Rescue Plan to offer relief from medical bills during the Covid-19 pandemic and to prevent veteran medical debt from being reported to credit bureaus under certain circumstances. But, how much in the overall debt burden has such legislation relieved our heroes and how much is being accumulated on a daily basis right now?

Get Involved

Here Are Some Ways You Can Help This Campaign

These men and women signed a blank check to their country which could be cashed up to and including forfeiture of their lives. For the VA to burden the unfortunate ones with unpayable medical debt is no way to say “Thank you for your service.” Here are some ways to remedy that ill.

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And All Other Veteran Debt!

End Veteran Debt - 501(c)(3)

In our mission to unburden our heroes in peril, we are launching a new 501(c)(3) charity to eliminate all forms for Veteran debt. Be it medical, housing, or other form of re-entry debt, we will be their to give a voice to those who have put their country first.