Voices for Veterans

Elizabeth Bales (wife of Joseph Bales - Peace Time Air Force Veteran Hickam AFB - Operation HardTack, Bore Witness to 23 Atom Bomb Tests): We are very angry because he is not eligible for any veteran's benefits due to the fact that he was in the service during peace time. It doesn't make any difference that his also an atomic vet. That is why I am speaking out today. Think this is disgraceful.

Gerald Debrosky - veteran 100% service disabled: It just seems like there are so many complications going around trying to get help from the VA. Myself and my wife, we had to fight tooth and nail, nobody would help us at first, and it went on for years.

Jerry Ashton - veteran Navy Journalist, co-founder RIP Medical Debt / Let's Rethink This: So what's the deal? Is it the fact that bureaucrats are so bureaucratic? Is it that people have lost a sense? Is it fatigue?

Sgt. Hutch Dubosque - Vietnam combat medic veteran: I think it's the bureaucratic attitude of "it's not my job, go talk to this person". So you go talk to this person. And that person says, "oh well, you're going to be better served if you talk to another person". And you can see where that leads.

Mark Sills - US Army veteran: You know, charging veterans for anything is wrong. It's absolutely wrong. If you have to find ways to fund more care, then cut down on administrative costs. There's too many people doing non-essential jobs in the Veterans Administration. It's a bloated bureaucracy.

Gerald Debrosky - veteran 100% service disabled: They did the time. They signed a blank check for their life, for the military. Take care of them when they get out. That's the main thing. Whether they were in combat or not, take care of them! That's all I can say.