May is Military Appreciation Month

While our nation's military does its duty every second of every minute all over the world, the people living in the nation they protect can show their support in May which has been designated Military Appreciation Month by Congress. This month, we should take time to reflect on the tasks and sacrifices we have asked and continue to ask of our men and women in uniform and their families. Now, especially given the escalation of conflicts we see taking place in the world this year, we must remind ourselves that the peace and security we enjoy at home is only made possible by the brave people who have answered our nation's call.

Let's also remind ourselves that the effects of serving don't end when a soldier's tour is over. According to sources, as much as $6 billion in veteran and military medical debt is burdening our heroes. We ask that you join us in learning, spreading the word, and see what you can do at to urge the Department of Veterans Affairs to make veteran medical debt available for purchase and forgiveness.